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March 04, 2008


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Jenny -- those little Faries are so cute. Did you make or buy them? If you made them, then you have to teach me 'cause Little S would love them all over her room. She's very in to that and Tinkerbelle and stuff like that. I know I'm posting the day before, but they and little L are so cute.

Love ya


Jerred. You can buy the wooden head (a wooden bead with a hole in it) at Michaels. The body(a flesh colored pipe cleaner) is covered with fake flowers that have been taken apart. The hair is wool roving (you can get it at a good yarn shop). You can use acorns for hats. I have also seen them as wizards with felt hats and wool roving beards.) Use your hot glue gun and go to town.



Those are so CUTE! I've seen instructions for similar fairies, but haven't ever taken the time to do it. Now I want to! S would LOVE THEM!

Love you,


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