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April 15, 2008


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Those are super cute!

I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog--I love that idea. I started taking up knitting in anticipation of a baby this summer and have since stopped for various reasons (NOT having a baby this summer being one of them). Now I'm inspired to pick it up again and make something memorable. Thank you. :)


Hi Jenny,

Cute shoes! I love them. Where are you going?




I am so loving these right now. I love clogs and have a dozen Dansko's but these in red? Too good to pass up. I have to fight the urge....I'll let you know how long I last.


Babe-a-liscious! Woo Hoo! Hot to trot in her new red shoes!

Very fun Jenny. Of course you know that Holly will need to get a pair too. Cute and comfy are two things she can't do without.

Love you


Cute cute!


Bestill the green-eyed monster!! I bought robin blue Sven clogs for both of my girls this spring, but didn't get any for me. . .and now I'm a green-eyed monster. Yours are awesome, awesome. Good buy.


I'm not sure which I like better...your fab shoes or your wonderful wood floor...

so cool


Cece Marie

I have total clog envy! I have been wanting cute clogs forever. Darn it, I'm gonna go get me some cute clogs. Thanks for the link!
Oh, and my tent. Costco, years ago. We got it for outdoor parties to use in lieu of a gazebo before I started my business. It is by Easy Up. :)

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