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August 07, 2009


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Sew Spoiled

Love it!! That looks great! Thanks for the idea! This is definitely Whip Up material:)!


That is so cute. You need to do a bunch for Syd :)


Holly! I would LOVE to make a bunch for Syd, and you, and mom, and sue, and Jessy, and Ken! Just give me an excuse!


That looks so cute!! I might have to try it. btw...I love Coney Island too!!

urban craft

Ha! Tell them you got it at JCPenny. That's a good one. I have these felt earring I made, when I wear them I usually say I snagged them from etsy. Totally gets you out of the whole "OMG, you made it!" scene. Then right after, I am asked "What's it-see?"

urban craft

oops, I said JCPenny and not JCrew.

Robin Neorr

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Christian Clothing

Thanks.... I like it. Great job.

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