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November 23, 2009


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OK. . the daffodils are way better than Betty the banana slug. They would have made me homesick too.


Well at least you got out of the house! I love your clips. You should sell some on etsy....they are so cute!!!

The Prudent Homemaker

Nice tutorial!

Natural Mama

This is really cute!

Kim Wresh

SOOOO cute! I am making one today!!! Thanks!


I love this, I've got two little girls who love to have one of these (and I would too!) Great tutorial, props to you for doing it while wearing baby!

Ashley Ann

THANKS! I am on my way to make one right now!!!


What a cute project. Thanks.


i stayed up late last night working on these but mine aren't as cute as yours. i don't have the nice wool felt. but still, fun!


Cute... I'll have to try making these. I love making hair goodies for my daughters.

Becca dulgarian @ Blue Cricket Design

I love theses!!! Felt is one of my favorite things to work with!Thanks for linking and I hope to see you back next Wednesday for more linking fun!

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design!

Dena Pickle

You just made that look so simple! I guarantee you, i would find a way to mess up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheila Carita

Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing it.



so cute! I love it!


Oh my gosh these are SO stinking cute, thanks so much for sharing!I can't wait to try some


Thanks for the tute:)
I am going to "try" to make these:)


Thank you for such a nice tutorial. With a house full of girls, I am sure I will need to make a few or more. I have posted a link on my sidebar so I will not forget and so others can come visit you. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Thanks for tute. I love it!


Thank you in advance for your quick answer !. Very nice post.


This is the cutest things! I will have to try this!


i can't wait to make this! thanks!

Account Deleted

Thanks, I hope I can find the material, I really wanna try this out!


Jennifer - I wanted to say thank you for popping over and leaving a comment. Maybe you and I should get together and design a pro blogging t-shirt...that will show them! My husband laughed, and agreed with your husband, about the t-shirt. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


This is adorable! I will be featuring it on my blog on December 10th!



Steffany Wells

These are adorable, I think they would be great on a little girls sweater, too.

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