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April 25, 2010


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oh me oh my, i love these!!!! i want to learn how to make some ruffle shirts too, did you use a tutorial or will you post one please? =) also, for the ruffle, did you just use the fabric of another shirt that is exactly the same to make the ruffle? what did you do w/ the rest of that fabric??


I love it!


so cute Jennifer! i especially love the floral one. i think i will copy you. you don't mind, do you??


Jcrew outlet had some adorable accessorized tees...using sequins and other stone beads. I like it because it's different than all the ruffles we've been seeing lately


I've seen these around but I actually have no idea how to do them!! Please share or point me inthe right direction! They're so fun!


i love these details! i dislike t-shirts otherwise, but that just gives them enough umph that i might have to change my mind.


These are gorgeous! I'll make one --one day :)

custom t-shirts

These are gorgeous! i especially love the floral one.

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